BALL for BMW TimeTrekker Chronometer

April 1, 2020

Ball for BMW timetrekker Chrome is suitable for any occasion. Its rotating bezel allows the wearer to calculate a specific time, while the large dial and micro air lamp ensure that the wearer can read clearly in any environment. In addition, the patented amortiser shockproof system of the watch device ensures the best accuracy. This model is limited to 1000. You can choose the desired limited number, and you can choose the service of engraved name on the bottom cover, as well as the BMW logo or not on the dial.

As the peak of automotive engineering, BMW has led the automotive industry for 100 years through innovation, design, performance and environmental management. Since 1891, the ball watch has been able to accurately report time in harsh environments. Each ball for BMW wristwatch is equipped with solid design and advanced technology, including patented anti-seismic system and revolutionary self luminous micro air lamp.

Through the simple operation of the rotating bezel, the dynamic and distinctive style of the Boer BMW series spacewalker Observatory model has been improved. The well-designed pure ceramic Chronograph ring can be used to time and prevent any accident from causing wrong extension of time. It can also be used in sports, such as calculating diving time, or in daily life, such as monitoring parking time. Ceramic processing is the first technology of Boer watch. A strong luminous coating is added to the number and scale of the ceramic watch ring. The ceramic material itself can provide extra protection against corrosion, scratch and UV light.

The new limited edition Boer BMW series spacewalker Observatory models are available in different styles, including stainless steel case with black or blue dial, more optional steel band or rubber band. The hour hand, minute hand and hour mark of the watch are inlaid with the revolutionary miniature air lamp of ball watch, which lights up the night with 14 miniature air lamps. This revolutionary technology does not need to rely on external energy, and its brightness is 100 times higher than that of ordinary luminous paint, ensuring that it can still be read clearly in the dark. This new timepiece has been officially certified by COSC. Along with the excellent tabulation technology, the BMW Boer series spacewalker Observatory is equipped with a patented amortiser shockproof system. This special technology can reduce the impact of side impact and protect the mechanical movement.

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