Investors: watch out for 5G technology bubble!

June 13, 2020

Recently, the 14th China investment annual conference? Annual summit jointly sponsored by cicit and cicnet and hosted by CICC capital was held in Shanghai. This summit brings together the leaders of the world’s top investment institutions, well-known economists and innovative economic leaders to build a new industry map and explore new opportunities.

Li Wenbiao, managing director of Huadeng international, Chen Liguang, founder, CEO and managing partner of Haisong capital, Huang Jinping, founder partner of Rongyi investment, Li Wenkui, managing partner of Fangguang capital, Li Yajun, chairman of Linxin investment, CEO of Huachuang capital and Xiong Weiming, partner of Huachuang capital, said in the summit dialogue of “5g investment feast”, 5g is divided into upstream, midstream and downstream, among which, The pattern of midstream base station operators has been determined.

5g can be divided into three levels, the first is 5g itself, the second is the extension of 5g industrial chain, and the ecology radiated by 5g itself. In terms of 5g, the communication industry actually starts from 3G, and each generation of communication technology is a deterministic technology. After 3G, it must be 4G, and after 4G, 5g. You can look forward to what 6G looks like. Because of this certainty, we are actually very clear in our investment, especially in the primary market. We all know that we need to plan ahead of time. 5g has been deployed. It’s obvious that it’s the past style to plan on 5g technology itself.

There are many opportunities for upstream chip devices, mainly for import substitution, and the application opportunities for downstream industries are beyond imagination. However, at present, although 5g is still not fully implemented, there has been a red sea in the investment and financing market, with high project valuation and even some “pseudo demand” projects. As institutional investors, we should be “eye piercing eye” and be vigilant against 5G technology bubble.

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