Samsung invests heavily to expand the production scale of memory chips and photosensitive elements

June 13, 2020

Samsung, as the world’s leading flash chip company, recently announced plans to expand its NAND flash chip production. Samsung plans to invest in No. 2 production line of pingze Industrial Park in South Korea to expand production capacity and meet the demand of computers and servers for chips.

According to sammobile, the construction of the new factory has begun. Samsung said that the demand for flash memory chips will grow rapidly due to the development of 5g, artificial intelligence and Internet of things, while the mass production of v-nand chips in the new factory will start in the second half of 2021. Analysts said that Samsung will invest 7-8 trillion won in the new factory. After completion, the production line will meet the medium-term and long-term needs of NAND flash chips. Samsung’s pingze Industrial Park is already the location of two of the world’s largest flash and memory chip production lines. However, as demand continues to grow, Samsung will continue to invest in it.

Samsung has been a leader in memory chips for the past 18 years, and recently announced its latest memory chip technology, the industry’s first v-nand flash memory design with up to 160 layers. It has higher memory capacity and higher chip density.

Cheol Choi, vice president of global storage marketing of Samsung Electronics, said: “this investment proves once again our indisputable leadership in the field of storage technology. Even in uncertain times, we will continue to provide the best memory and flash solutions for the market, while contributing to the whole IT industry and economic growth. “

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