New McLaren Elva MSO custom m6A theme

April 1, 2020

The brand new McLaren Elva MSO custom m6A theme meticulously recreates the great style of the king of can am track conquered in 1967, trying to present every detail of its external coating completely, so that the sports classic saluting the event is not only the slogan.

The whole car is decorated with the orange paint of the anniversary celebration decorated with dove grey belt, aiming to commemorate the great year Bruce McLaren used this legendary event painting, and decorated with the McLaren car seal and blue Bruce McLaren signature. At the same time, it is attached with the legendary racing number “4”. The use of satin carbon fiber and 10 spoke diamond cutting wheel hub perfectly deduces the exciting modern design sense of the 21st century.

The tail of the car is equipped with active spoiler, which can adjust the height and angle to achieve the best balance of aerodynamics. The diverter at the bottom of the car will be connected with the active tail wing, and there are vertical blades to guide the air flow. The automaker plans to produce only 399 vehicles in limited quantities, and will begin to deploy them in the second half of this year. The single special model released this time was developed by MSO, the customization Department of McLaren. The name of the car pays homage to the m6A car designed by Bruce McLaren, the founder of the car factory.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 twin turbo gasoline engine in the central mode. This engine is from McLaren senna, but the maximum horsepower is adjusted from 800 HP to 815 HP, and the maximum torque is maintained at 81.6kgm. It is equipped with a seven speed dual clutch manual self-contained transmission. The m1a carbon fiber chassis is quite light, with a weight of only 551 kg. The light weight of the body also allows it to accelerate within 3 seconds for 0-100 km / h, and only 6.7 seconds for 0200 km / h. The acceleration ability is also the best in the world.

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