Enstrong 480, 4 light utility civil helicopters

April 1, 2020

Enstrum 480 is a four seat light multipurpose civil helicopter developed by enstrum helicopter company of the United States. Its military type number is th-28. In February 1990, enstron 480 was first exhibited at the Helicopter Association 90 international helicopter exhibition in Dallas. The engine is based on a 280fx helicopter. The piston engine is converted into an Allison 250 turboshaft engine. First flight in December 1988. On October 7, 1989, the first test flight of the four seat wide fuselage was conducted.

“Enstrum” 480 military type is changed to three seat coach type according to the requirements of the new coach helicopter of the U.S. Army. The four seat layout of “enstrum” 480 civilian type can be quickly converted into three seat coach type, three seat administrative transport type, or one seat transport type. After obtaining the FAA airworthiness certificate in the first half of 1992, enstrong has sold 40 aircraft.

The rotor is three hinged metal blades, which are composed of an extruded aluminum alloy girder and aluminum alloy skin. Each blade is connected with the propeller shaft by pins and damping hinges. The rotor blade type is naca00 13.5. Two tail blades form a seesaw type tail rotor. The tail blade is made of a girder and light alloy skin. The tail rotor is located on the left side of the tail beam. The blades cannot be folded.

Standard equipment includes: airspeed indicator, altimeter, compass, fuel pressure warning light, reducer oil thermometer, turn tilt indicator, etc., as well as optional equipment such as attitude gyro and turn coordinate azimuth indicator, instantaneous vertical speed indicator, etc.

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