Britain’s top luxury houses, brunheim palace ranked first

May 26, 2020

Churchill’s Blenheim Palace. Churchill is the most influential person in modern England and a great man highly respected by many people in Europe. Among the top ten houses in England, this Blenheim Palace was once the place where Churchill’s ancestors lived. It was once the palace under the name of the queen of England. Later Queen Anne gave it to John Churchill, and the great Winston Churchill was born in this mansion Medium.

The owner of Howard castle is an English aristocrat, that is, the family of the famous Duke of Norfolk. Later, it became the property of the Howard family, one of the top ten aristocrats in England. In many movies and TV plays, it has appeared in the castle. It is said that it took about 100 years to build the castle alone, and there are countless rooms in it, and its value is far greater than what you have now See.

Wozden estate. Not all luxury houses can be measured by numbers. Wozden manor is one of them. In the 16th century, the castle was built. Later, the owner was the famous Rothschild family. How rich was the family? It’s said that their assets were 600 trillion dollars, which had influenced and controlled the European economy for more than 200 years. You can see a lot that you can’t imagine Luxury.

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