The most expensive porcelain in history: up to HK $840 million at auction

June 10, 2020

In 2011, CITIC Macau, an auction company, auctioned a piece of porcelain named “Yuan Qinghua Xiao He chasing Hanxin plum vase under the moon” for HK $840 million, making it the most expensive porcelain in history.

Yuan blue and white Xiao he chases Hanxin plum vase under the moon, with short mouth, round shoulders and abdomen, thin and long lower abdomen and flat bottom. The whole body is painted with blue and white patterns, and the shoulders are painted with miscellaneous treasures and tangled branches and peony patterns. Peony is the top of the flowers, which symbolizes “elegance and extraordinary atmosphere”; the whole object has a dignified and stable shape, a white and dense fetus, and the blue and white hair is verdant and colorful, while the vivid expression of the characters in the bottle is especially wonderful: Xiao He’s anxiety when driving a horse to gallop, the hesitation when watching the Hanxin River, and the old boatman The expectations of standing with oars are all expressed incisively and vividly. And the blank space is lined with pines, plum bamboos, and rocks, which are scattered. The patterns are pleasant and beautiful, the blue and white materials are suitable, the hair color is bright and beautiful, the sense of hierarchy is rich, the whole body exudes the luster of beautiful utensils, and the lotus pattern is painted to symbolize “dignity of identity and imperial spirit”, which can be called the masterpiece of blue and white porcelain in the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasty.

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