Luxury seven-star Dubai sailing Hotel, 60% are Chinese tenants

June 10, 2020

The most luxurious hotel in the world is Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. It is the first 7-star hotel in the world, located in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.

At that time, when the sailing hotel was just opened, a British female journalist was one of the guests. Here, she felt the unprecedented service quality. After she returned home, she praised the luxury and excellent service of the Arab tower in the newspaper. At last, she said, “I can’t find any language to describe it. I can only grade it with seven stars to show its difference.” Since then, this free advertisement has spread all over the world.

The lobby of the sailing hotel is resplendent and full of Chinese people. It is said that more than half of the guests here are Chinese. In the magnificent hall of the 321 meter high hotel, which looks like a sailboat, many Chinese people hang around here. At present, the Chinese have become one of the main tourist sources of the sailing hotel. 60% of the guests here are Chinese. There are about 200000 Chinese in the UAE, including 150000 in Dubai. Although the sailing hotel rooms range from 170 to 700 square meters, the minimum cost of $2000 per night does not seem to scare Chinese guests.

Lulu, a girl who used to work as a waiter in the sailing Hotel, told reporters that in the past, the sailing hotel had a very strict screening for the hotel, and the tourists would not be received. After the Dubai Crisis, the hotel began to receive tour groups selectively. Chinese guests bear the brunt and become one of the new guests in the sailing hotel.

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